The Queen of the Night

Here’s some books that look interesting especially queen of the night look forward to it


The Queen of the Night, my new novel out February 2nd, has made the best of 2016 preview lists for Book Riot, Bookish, Bustle, BBC Books, Huffington Post BooksBrooklyn Mag,  The Millions, Chicago Reader, Flavorwire, Kirkus Reviews, and Entertainment Weekly.


Last year at this time my biggest fear was that I could work on a novel all this time–a little over a decade–and no one would care. As Mary Gaitskill said recently, most writers are greeted with a deafening silence. So I’m incredibly happy and grateful about this reception.

Some early praise for The Queen of the Night has come in also.

“A night at an opera you’ll wish never-ending.”

–Helen Oyeyemi, author of Mr. Fox and Boy Snow Bird

“One doesn’t so much read Alexander Chee’s The Queen of the Night as one is bewitched by it. Beneath…

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One thought on “The Queen of the Night

  1. This is not a comment on this particular post.
    Hey Vivian,
    It’s interesting reading your words. Although I feel kind of voyeuristic, but having known you during some of that time period you write about, it is compelling. Not to mention that I’ve often wondered over the years whatever happened to you! You were special. The last thing I remember was a phone call, I believe while I was still in college, and you were telling me you were getting married. Over the years I’ve asked people who I thought might know you, but nothing.
    So at least from your writings I have an idea of what happened over all those years. I am very happy that things went well for you. I know everyone has their ups and downs, but from this distance and ignorance, you’ve done well and had an exciting time, traveling and living in interesting places. Retiring to Sanibel, not a bad place to roost, although I agree that the area does lack the big city things like good restaurants or cultural activities, but still, pretty nice. And it sounds like you don’t have to get up every morning and fight the traffic and deal with assholes, like I have to do for the foreseeable future. Good for you! You’ve come a long way from Laverne Ave! Congratulations on a long marriage and just from what I’ve read, great kids!!! In my opinion that is really the important thing in life, family. It sounds like you’ve set your kids up to go out into the world and live their lives as good people, that is the best any of us can do. I’m still trying, as my son is 13 in 8th grade, and my daughter is a senior in high school. To me these are the perilous years, where any mistep or hanging out with “the wrong” kids can send them swirling off into some other orbit. (I know from experience) I feel their pain, but I know they have to make mistakes to learn. My son’s favorite thing is football, and my daughter is into art and music. She wants to pursue music education at IPFW this year. I am happily married and my family is the main thing in my life. We are looking at the empty nest on the horizon though. On to the next phase of life.
    As I said over the years I have wondered what happened to you, I think because you were different than the most the others in our high school. I do remember your chic hair cuts. You were pretty and I think we sat near each other in some class, and started talking. You may have appeared somewhat shy, but you surely weren’t once I started talking to you. You had opinions, which is something I like. You were progressive in a school of yuppie larvae and burn outs. You were smart. Growing up in a neighborhood full of numbskulls, only a couple blocks from where you lived then, it was so nice to start hanging with intelligent people. I remember going to college and thinking how refreshing it was to be surrounded by mostly intelligent people discussing issues and being smartly funny. I digress. So ya, you were one of my favorite friends, and gorgeous, and cool. I know we didn’t know each other that well, but again, you were different and better than most people I knew. You got out! Again good for you!
    In case you were wondering what happened to me, which may be presumptuous on my part; As I have gotten older I have been looking back at my youth, the good and bad. Wondering how I got to this point, what shaped me, things I guess I hadn’t had the time to think about at other stages of my life. Sort of like the musings you write about on your blog. After college, apparently for some reason I wasn’t the corporate type, I tried to get entry level jobs but nothing ever panned out very well. So I lived like a college student for 10 years or so after. Fell in love, had my heart served to me on a platter, which threw my life for a loop. I did sort of get spoiled, when I first got out of college I got a job supervising the Anthropology lab at IPFW for a couple years. It didn’t pay much but it really was a cool thing. We went on archaeology digs and surveys. It fueled my latent love of archaeology and history and I started traveling a bit to Mexico then eventually to Guatemala and Central America, and back to Mexico. I love beaches and ruins. Guatemala was sort of a turning point, and at 30, it might as well have been. I started going down there and buying the hippie sort of clothes and selling it up here and at IU and I had some stores I supplied. So that was sort of a half assed kind of thing in the early 1990s. In 1995 I married a local girl and had to start looking for financial stability, which isn’t easy in a local market like Fort Wayne. Long story, but eventually I got into my current gig which I love being a part of, the Internet Archive, “Universal Access to All Knowledge” is our motto. We are part of the books group building the largest open access, free, online library in the world. I manage a small group of people digitizing books here at the Allen County Public Library, we do work for lots of universities and some museums and libraries. Here is a recent video clip. I thought it sucked as they showed up unexpectedly to film first thing on a Monday morning after a long Thanksgiving break. Anyway its from a month ago so you can see how the years have taken their toll!
    Oh, I went to the 35th reunion. Normally I wouldn’t even consider, but old friends Dave Matter, who lives in your area, and Stan Morrical who lives in San Francisco were coming into town and I sort of had to go. It was fairly lame.
    It would be fun to talk some day or write me back if you’d like. If you don’t want to, thats cool too. My email is

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