The Seven types of Women or Monday through Sunday’s Child

Monday’s Child is fair of Face so take the Train to “Meet Virginia,” …She’s beautiful- She never compromises and her timing is tragic but her intuition Magic,” yea meet Virginia.
Then Joe Cocker sings “You are So Beautiful to Me,” can’t you see? You’re everything I hoped for everything I need …
But Tuesday child is full of Grace as Russell Crowe sings: It’s a new year another year gone by..I’ve been chasing Grace but Grace isn’t so easily found…Just give me One Good Year!”

But WEDNESDAY CHILD IS FULL OF WOE as Lisa Loeb explains “You say: I only hear what I want to..You say: I talk So all the time-and you’re only hearing negatives; No NO! – So I turn the radio on and I turn the radio up and Paul Simon starts singing about slip slidin away from- Delores because he laments “my love for you is so powerful I’m afraid I will disappear.”

But Delores responds “these are the Very words I use to Describe My Life: “A good day ain’t got no rain… and a bad day’s when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been.”

Then Limp Bizkit replies “It’s all about the He said She said Bullshit – No. Rihanna says “we found Love in a Hopeless place” and I’m 4 five seconds to Wildin.” Then Dave Mathews says I’m lost for you!I’m soo lost. When you come crash into me.”

But Mick sings “Angie when will those clouds all disappear? Then Bobby Zimmerman says “Sara you’re so easy to look at- so hard to define – Sara, radiant jewel, mystical wife.”

Then the Goo Goo dolls sing “but sooner or later its over.” -“I want to wake up where you are. I won’t say anything at all – I’ll do anything you need to be complete – oh May, want to get married? lets run away.!”

Then Natalie Imbruglia says I’m all outta faith this is how I feel. You’re a little late I’m already torn.”

Besides Thursday’s child has Far to Go and Beyonce stands proudly and proclaims “you must not Know about me,” and Nicki Minaj states if you’re Not a Fan then Bitch you’re deaf dumb…But Taylor Swiftly asks “are we outta da woods,” Are we in the clear?”

Then Lorde reminds her that “We’ll never be Royals,” as long as we pretend we don’t have post code envy.” Natasha Bedingfield changes the subject and says I gotta a pocket full of sunshine and Anyway Friday’s child is Loving and Giving: and on that score Bob Dylan says come in she said I’ll give you shelter from the storm.

Now Saturday’s child works hard for a living and is in trenches coming from the Police where STING pleads “Roxanne you don’t have to put on the red light or sell your body to the night.” And then Rihanna says girl” you can stand under my Umbrella Ella Ella A. A.

Then lo and behold it Sundays child who’s Best of all and Hozier sings “she’s a giggle at a funeral. I should have worshiped her sooner.” But Stevie wonder who sees it all going down says: “Isn’t she lovely made from Love.” And to that Hozier replies “ AMEN, AMEN.”

But Billy Joel has the final word fella’s he says –“she’ll promise you more than the garden of Eden- then she’ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding” “Blame it All on yourself Cause she’s Always A Woman to Me.”


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