America’s Real Estate Model is Broken!!

Real Estate I’ve discovered in this country is in a heap of trouble. Here is one glaring problem in this now Global marketplace. I lived in Miami Beach for almost 20 years and with the help of seasoned pros sold two large homes in 3 months and the second in 8 days respectively.

But in 2010 after selling my favorite home on the Venetian Islands my husband decided to retire to Sanibel Island where his former brother lived for 30 years (he is now deceased).

The problem after four years of living here is I MISS THE CITY!!! I am the proverbial fish out of water. But my husband is more comfortable here because he spent 40 years on the Road. This house is his chill home and he loves this home as do I- but I am starved for the Miami Beach Vibe- The city a real thriving metropolis.

And so as Soethby’s elegantly calls its sales/auctions De-acquisitions we have decided to “consciously uncouple” from our home.  What is the point of this story other than to shamelessly plug said sale?

Well its HUGH!

This year we have chosen to sell with the firm  For a fee they take on  marketing ones home and place you on the Mighty  MLS and other real estate websites. This time however we will Not have to sign a contract or pay the hefty 6% commission – it would be 3% if a local agent did find me a buyer. But this is the Kicker!! The MLS the Holy Grail of real estate is actually in fact a local or regional directory of what’s available ONLY in your zip code!!!

This means that ONLY real estate professionals on West Coast of Florida- not the east coast or even across the state to California can view my listing or its ridiculously limited!

Due to regulatory restrictions on interstate commerce etc.. etc the MLS is regionally divided!. In this globally connected world filled with depressed areas having these Archaic rules of interference in the real estate marketplace should be challenged in court!

My ability to market my Home across All 50 states is being Violated!!!!

I’m told that this is to protect real estate agents Turf! Well guess what in this town….they have shown me Nothing to impress me. Homes here linger on the market for years!!! Why because of a heavily regulated Real Estate Association formed in 1985.

Compared to Miami agents who hustle 24/7 – I was told Not to expect that on the Chill West Coast. Hence I’m taking the real estate reigns come what may.

So its time to Change real estate laws in this country by changing the venerated MLS system that no longer reflects our  Global Marketplace. If you agree lets change these backward laws now!! Having a MLS that is National and Not regional would allow for a robust housing market and put more people to work – Congress or the States MUST re-think and Re-tool the way America grows and it should start with changing the real estate rules before its too late.

Lets Make change happen by expanding the MLS platform across state borders and even internationally.


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