Day one healing ADD test/the rest of my week

So today I tackled the first of the 7 workbooks and DVD’s that I purchased from my local PBS stations produced by the famous Dr. Amen who runs multiply clinics across he country and is an expert in “healing ADD,” and brain mapping.

The first order of business is a 70 word questionnaire where you and a spouse rate yourself from 0 never to 4 frequently.

I begin answering the questions to the best of my ability and hopefully without bias. Then to check on your answers your spouse should rate you as they see you. My husband thinks the survey is for him! I yell at him and tell him not everything is  about him. He retakes the quiz and we fight a little about the results I have a lot of 3 and 4’s my husband has more.

We then laugh I want a stiff drink and maybe a nap I’m exhausted! Next we have to score my results this is the hard part – so we call the Institute and await the return call so I can classify myself and begin the regime to change or heal my ADD. Still skeptical we’ll see. 🙂


Although I promised a daily diary of my assignments with the Dr. Amen’s healing ADD at home in 30 days- I had a health emergency that required 4 doctor appointments and medical tests-scary, and exhausting but I am Fine! So in reality with my busy life commuting back and forth from Miami to West Coast of Florida and the enormous amount of material in this healing package I will begin by telling you that I after taking the questionnaire to find out which type of ADD I have (there are 7) I was told by the computer model that I have 4 of the 7 types. So then I am given an action plan which I should follow as well as watching the 9 dvd’s! It’s funny they acknowledge that having ADD and being expected to do all of this and still have a life and grow my business is well Not happening – in real time. So I will instead start with the Diet portion of the plan. The Amen Clinic believes that food can heal add by boosting brain and body function.

So I will start there and see if changing the way I eat will indeed help my focus and concentration without the need for my doctor prescribed medication. Although Dr. Amen does allow that some people still need medicine he also encourages vitamins,supplements all of which he of course will sell you- plus daily exercise. So today I am going to watch the first dvd on which food to eat and avoid. By the way I am also going to sun bathe as Sun vitamin D is important to overall health plus I have to keep up my tan – it makes one look thinner. Until next time..then.


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