This ain’t no Grocery Store

I am on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach at a large Swedish store whose customers are Mostly women. This company has quickly become the go-to clothing store for inexpensive and trendy knock offs. I find two pieces that I like and try them on. The dressing rooms are on the second floor why? I don’t know. So are the bathrooms adjacent to the Men’s department. After liking the fit and price point I want to pay for them and where is the check out? Downstairs! However the Men’s cashier is on the same floor.

There are 10 people in front of me – I am the 11th. There are only TWO cashiers moving at “a glacier pace.” Each transaction according to my second hand is taking approximately 4 minutes. No one is saying a word; accepting their predicament with passive resignation. But I am a consumer watchdog I come to save the consumers day! Noting the frustration growing and my impatience increasing I cup my hands around my mouth and megaphone CASHIERS NEED IN WOMEN’S DEPARTMENT! I repeat Cashiers Needed. The cashiers start laughing…I am NOT amused. The others in line smile and thank me – someone has to speak up and it’s always me. Several minutes later a “supervisor” whose name is Theo comes to the rescue…or so we believe. But he conducts two transactions and despite the growing line departs upstairs back to the quiet of the Men’s department where I might add they have multiply cashiers pretending to look busy but no men waiting in line to make a purchase.

Now I am mad as hell and decide to wait it out and find out who is running this store. So after 15 minutes I make my purchase and ask the robot/clerks who is in charge? They tell me his name and of course I find him where else but upstairs- where there is no grocery store line to purchase clothing. I demand to speak with the manager Michael, who comes out and arrogantly tells me if they had more employees he would have them in the women’s check out lane. “You have some nerve,” I tell him.

This is retail sexism at its worst! The fact that the Men’s department was quiet I tell him- it is his responsibility  to send several sales people milling around upstairs – downstairs, where they are really needed. But no, he doesn’t flinch. 

H&M or Hello Men

As I now call it is a gross example of sexism in retail. Now to be fair maybe not all H&M’s are like this one – but when shopping for clothing whether high end or low one should never have to stand on line as if at a bank, grocery store, or the DMV! And this phenomenon doesn’t just occur at mass retail stores but at stores like Macy’s too. If one is spending good money then they should be treated as they treat men. When entering the Men’s department anywhere Attention is paid! – women are ignored unless you are a VIP shopper that is, and are in a designer store. But that is the 1% not the masses.

So don’t be a sheep and stand on line when buying clothing…Demand better service or walk out – speaking with your wallet I assure you is the most effective way to reach these callus and sexist merchants….Women Speak Up or shop elsewhere if you feel like I do what are you waiting for?



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