This record, skips

Three Non Blondes song What’s goin on? is probably the anthem of my life.

But music and theater have always been passions of mine. As a child I remember watching American Bandstand, Soul train and the game show, “Name that tune.” When I was 10 or so growing up in Chicago my Japanese friend Mary would come over and I would take out my sisters 45 collection. It was stored in a yellow plastic Beatles case whose design was ingenious; the triangle shaped handle both opened and held in place all of those wonderful 45’s. To those who maybe don’t know what a 45 is, lets say it’s like a collection of your favorite single downloads on iTunes. When I turned the handle in an upwards motion- there appeared the name of a single.

Then I would give Mary a clue :she had to guess the song’s name or the artist. Tommy James and the Shondells, Crimson and Clover was one of my favorites as was Marianne Faithfuls Roller skates song. Then it was on to Bob Dylan and Harry Chapin both of whom I saw in concert.

In High school I became smitten with theater and remember doing a soliloquy from the Spoon River Anthologies: they were oddly morose all of these monologues. The one I chose was a depressed woman who was poor and lived” back of the house” miserably.

After my performance my academic counselor urged me to pursue acting as a career but I secretly wanted to be Karen Carpenter- a female drummer.

My parents said: “no way you’ll end up a waitress the rest of your life” they weren’t happy with my protestations as they proclaimed: “an education was the most important thing one could give their children and music and theater were pipe dreams.

And so they paid for my education to Boston University where by then I had” Wised up,” and as a freshman announced my major: Journalism, and stuck with it.

Yes they were right but they also squelched my hopes and dreams.

I later vowed Not to do this to my eldest son who was artistic and never fit within the framework of a traditional education. He graduated from Parsons has done well but freelancing is Not steady income so yes he is now seeking full time employment.

Now I go back to the the lyrics of my song: “25 years and my life is still trying to get up that great big hill of hope for my destination,” it starts. Its a feminist empowerment song but here I am 50 something and still trying to “make it.”

Woe is me…..maybe its time I find a new theme song! Or at least a life coach. Here’s hoping on a four leaf clover that the luck of the Irish rubs off on me someday……soon.








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