Fashion forward

When I was in high school in Fort Wayne Indiana – I was always starting trends. First it was my constant hair cuts. My hair grew quickly and my sister had a stylist friend who used to give me the latest “do’s” free of charge. He was gay and I was his hair muse. I had the Dorothy Hamil, the Vidal Sassoon bob, and countless other chic cuts – I sported bangs and everyone told me I looked Eurasian – I even donned a pixie like- twiggy-  I was petite and thin as a rail; I long to be that thin again. But on to my clothing, since I was the youngest of three girls I inherited hand me downs but they were cool 70’s numbers like funky tie dye t-shirts and colorful smocks. Since we moved from Chicago to Indiana – I had thrift store gems like an assortment of Berets – “She wore a raspberry beret-” Princes song was me. Some day’s  when I got ready for school I’d wash my hair and blow dry it and then put my hair in a pony tail and then cover it with a beret that I would wear all day. People were curious as to why I chose to cover my shiny raven locks and I would simply say because I liked the way the beret framed my face. I had a raspberry one, a black one and a chocolate one. I still have the black one but someone borrowed my berry colored one and to this day I continue searching for my youth through the many hats I continue to don. My favorite look was a Nehru jacket my rich uncle bought me on one of our vacations to Miami. Uncle angle was childless and a widow but he loved to spoil his nieces and my sisters and I were his favorite girls. I remember he asked me what I wanted and I said a Nehru jacket- even then at 10 0r 12 years old exotic clothing always enticed me. The Nehru jacket I choose was a brown and paisley number. I loved its high collar and gold buttons that set off my bangs and made me feel like an Indian Cleopatra. Ironically foreign garbs are still part of my wardrobe persona today. Having lived in China and South Africa I own a Chinese Chung Sam- in navy blue silk- its sexy  mandarin collar are perfect for elegant dinners when I refuse to wear an LBD. I also own caftans beautifully embroidered from Afghanistan,Pakistan as well as harem pants and Aladdin shoes I picked up in a Moroccan bizarre. Because I have a fair face – depending on where I am and what I’m wearing I have been confused with being the nationality of the clothes I wear. To me fashion should not be a costume-y  but it should reflect ones personality and my mixed and eclectic wardrobe reflect my unique style. It no wonder that I am always ahead of the curve and often start trends. It is an innate talent born out of early childhood economic hardship – and I don’t have to read in style Magazine to know what to wear to this day. My wardrobe is as original and creative as the person I was and still am today.


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