An Open Letter to the NFL on Gayness

Last night I watched a professional football player being a complete jerk regarding having a gay team mate in the locker room with the straight guys.
He said: “well if I’m naked I don’t want him staring at me!”  NEWS FLASH: Gay men Do Not Hit on Straight guys. Nor do lesbians hit on straight woman.

To the NFL: let me give you babies some advice from a woman who prefers the company of gay men to meat-heads like yourselves; Should one “look,” at you, what are you gonna do-punch him out? Dude I assume that all you macho guys who like to fanny slap each other on the field is what, a sign of being tough? or is it just team mates being affectionate with one another? So I wonder how many of you look at each others” junk” and laugh either inwardly or outwardly on a daily basis comparing your physics?

Nudity is nudity when groups of people shower communally whether by accident or intent looking and judging each others body is what everyone does- It does not imply because the guy is gay that he wants to rape you. So lose the attitude boys. You’re all just a bunch of little boys.

In fact I see it this way:  When a gay man or woman  looks at me and smiles- I smile proudly, because it gives me a boost of confidence.

At least my gay friends are funny and in the case of my botched knee surgery my friend M says cover it with make up Vivian or wear long skirts cause the scars make you look like the bride of Frankenstein! Sadly he is absolutely 100 correct. You see the butcher of Brickell was supposed to tighten and lift my sagging knees instead of great knees I am left with what appears to the work of a  butcher not the professional surgeon he was purported to be. So yes I hide these scars because they are Not pretty to look at.

The take away of my story is we all have scars some visible most invisible So if a gay man or woman looks at you AT ALL you should be flattered.

To all you NFL sissies you need to  grow the …uck up and Not bully a professional athlete who has more cojones to come out than your stupidity, ignorance and homophobia can even grasp. So get over yourselves cause if he does get bullied a whole lot of folks will be up in your Grills to teach you a lesson in what constitutes being a REAL MAN.

Here’s hoping the NFL and its coaches and staff realize what a person does in his bedroom is none of your concern nor should it be.

A real man has a drink with the dude and learns to accept him for the professional and brave player who just happens to be gay, honest, and probably a really nice dude.


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