My siren song

When I’m having a bad day I resort to cooking…because I figure by taking out my frustrations at various immoveable situations of the last 3 years I am at least creating something tasty and cooking for a loved means love right? Well today was a taste of the Islands where we live…it was held in our golf community. We decided to bike there because parking is insane and we both need the exercise.

Cut to 10 minutes into our ride along golf course way- I in the lead my husband trailing behind when I see him sitting down on a dune looking up at two strangers who were on a golf cart walking their dog! Anyway turns out our relatively new Schwinn bike somehow had lost it ability to change gears rendering it un-maneuverable.  So our attempt to get healthy via the bicycle proved to be a giant “trap,” we were on a golf course mind you. And so given that walking in the hot humid sun was not in the cards I observed the throngs of folks lining up for said “tastings,” and took a pass. I went back to my tree top home and decided to make loaded Hash brown potatoes.

Now I don’t about where you live but when we gutted this Elevated home as they are now called one must install 1001 smoke detectors. I am not opposed to them mind you having lived through a fire in our walk up brownstone in Chicago. We were on the third floor – all of us at work and school when the boiler blew and up up up went the billowing smoke to our third floor apartment. In the early 70’s these apartments where the railroad style- long and narrow but spacious and comfortable.

We lost it all in that fire..what the fire doesn’t consume the smoke surely does. But back to smoke detectors..Mine is so sensitive that any attempt at broiling and or cleaning said electric double ovens triggers the blasted smoke detector to go off and off- its shrill sound echoing through the house the neighborhood and countless kitchens where they simply rip it down and open all doors and windows…exactly what I did this morning. HASH BROWNS I know that said potatoes are carbs and how dare I even think bout eating them when I’m dieting. But I think of Prime 112 in Miami Beach a pricey but tasty steak house that makes the Perfect hash browns served in a cast iron pan – their golden color and uniformity of a potato pie the envy of any home cook who has tried to accomplish this golden brown deep dish confection which upon seeing them I glaze apoplectic. So the blasted smoke detector jarringly squashed my potato pie dream but also leads me to another dastardly deed – cleaning the same oven which at this point is in desperate need due to sweet potatoes that Always spill their contents upon said oven floor. Now my self cleaning oven works but when it begins to smoke ie., clean its very fumes set off the #!*## smoke detector…So sample this! Food tastings are not worth the bother unless you are given more than a spoonful of love and secondly – I hate smoke detectors that spoil my baking for love/fun…because in my house where there is food and love there is always smoke signals and perhaps fumes and a fire that can never ignite due to touchy or over sensitive equipment. Then again as hubby likes to say – Operator error Viv just deal with it. The next time I want crispy hash browns I’ll use the grill and close the lid and hope the neighbors don’t call the fire department.



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