Asurion Insurance has a monopoly

After almost 20 years with AT&T I was kicked to the curb by a duplicitous company culture of lying and denying by “supervisors,” who sympathize with your problem and now “lets see what we can do to help you, Vivian.”  Those words like tony sopranos  famous catch phrase- Fuhgettaboudit are your ticket to cold shoulders. I had  angered them by outing them on Twitter and not giving their Sales team straight 10’s. on their performance survey’s. How likely are you to recommend AT&T to a friend or colleague? My response: when you change your up-grade policy and slavery contracts. Here’s the deal: my BB 9900 curve was my first “entitled upgrade,” It had problems from the beginning. They sent me a refurbished one that was even worse. Paying them and Not having service was met with Indignation! You don’t qualify for an upgrade until Sept. 2014. After more than one hour of Blah Blah Blah Lindsey the supervisor out of Utah said she would take care of me. All she did was give me a reduction of my bill of $95 but no resolution to having a non working phone. Then another hour with Tiaisha. She said I qualified for an insurance replacement, provided I paid the large deductible. NO problem I said, Give me the insurance company’s number.

Asurion is the Only company that overseas All cell phone companies replacement policies. Can you Hear Me FTC, FCC   and what ever agency Runs the Insurance companies of America Assure yourself they will deny you a replacement phone even though you pay for this coverage on your monthly service providers bill. Asurion is the largest MONOPOLY – the only company that covers ALL cell phone carriers; all of them. When I got through to Asurion they already had my cell number on their screen. The harsh voice said:

“I will be asking you a series of questions that in public record data base. You will be asked your birth date, your SS number and then…to list all the cars you have leased and their respective colors going back 10 years. They provide the vehicles you say ya or nay. Next question list your last 2 residences in Miami beach where I lived for 20 years. I gave them to her and she said I had failed the test because my answers did not match what was on her “screen.” Is this Russia I said. I never lived in south Miami. At&T’s bills clearly game to both addresses I gave you. Sorry, she said in order to prove you are who you say you are you must submit your drivers license, a copy of your last bill and sign an affidavit that we will email you. Upon corroborating the information we will then adjudicate your situation.”

This is the worst case of corruption involving not only cell phone companies but Asurion their sole Insurance company – It’s tantamount to a pyramid scheme. You pay a monthly fee for insurance replacement for your cell phone but they deny you for insufficient evidence that you are who you say you are.

At&t told me if I closed my account I could not keep my number. But what they don;t tell you is that you Can and should run to another carrier with your account number in hand and they do the rest. No muss no fuss. Don’t let the cell phone companies run you down or put up with what you rightly are entitled to through your payments to asurion who clearly have not been investigated on this egregious scam of carriers and insurers – let the FCC and FTC know if you too have been kicked to the curb by either one of these companies.


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