mixing and driving…

Are you a musician, a DJ who knows the mixing board by rote or braille even blindfolded? Then do I have the Car for You! I recently leased the new BMW 2014 X3 hybrid vehicle. I custom ordered the color but the extras that come with the re-designed model is for generation X Y and Z but it is not for me, here’s why: First off the interior cabin looks the same only they’ve added a computer to the main screen that functions as does a professional sound and media mixing board. Swell only it is such a radical departure from the original BMW model down to the stick shift and the key less entry it boggles my mind. My husband wanted us to have two Beemers in the garage. I wanted the less cool but user friendly Volvo s60. I test drove both and when it came to driving the BMW I was floored.  Even the gear shift is electronic yet to reverse you press the gear shift forward and to drive you press it backward, to park depress handle and press P.

My salesman went through the car with me while I took notes. He set up my radio stations and showed me how to enter addresses into the voice activated navigation system. Lets just say it is over whelming. I was told that one woman went back for 6 lessons so she could sync up her emails and her phone something that I would never do as mastering the basics of this new computer on wheels is enough for me. Two weeks later the car started acting up. A message appeared on the dashboard indicating a communications error. That error erased all the previous settings in the car which in turn made this car a roving professional mixing board while driving I had to keep my eye on the road while spinning the rotating mouse dial to find the stations that were no longer pre selected.  In addition, the lady of the” Nav’s” voice was inaudible causing me to strain to hear her commands without being able to locate the appropriate menu to raise the audio….A mixing board. I felt like shouting to her where’s my snare? punch up the synthesizer and add a little re-verb while you’re at it!

I’m doing this while trying to keep my eye on the road and not be driven to distraction. Well BMW this car is designed for highly caffeinated younger faster stronger, Power generation…and I admit defeat. Under the lemon law I qualify for a new vehicle. As this broken mother board is major. This car is a major accident waiting to happen to me.

Sorry BMW but this former fan no longer craves the ultimate computer driving machine. I’ll pass – and maybe your company should carry two models the tech savvy model and the Original driving machine that hugged the roads and me like an old friend.  Bring back the old model or make this newer version more like a car and less like a music producers mixing board.  Till then my lease with you is null and void.


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