Odds and Ends

Today after much prodding from my husband I was forced to clean out my desk drawers. My husband doesn’t accumulate things the way I do- maybe that is the real difference between the sexes. First off I buy a lot of clothes. So what does one do with all those extra Buttons that come with your clothing items? I must have hundreds of said buttons in a drawer and in a box – but don’t tell me to make an art craft project Please….I mean do clothing manufacturers really think that their buttons are unique enough to include them attached to your garment? In some cases yes but honestly what am I to do with them? I willing to bet that most of us couldn’t locate the article they came unless your’re highly anal and able to sew so you attached them to said garment like the manufactureres should have done from the get go.. The smart retailers sew them into the article..so as not to create more waste. Buttons are odds and ends that literally clog my drawers. There’s got to be a better way no? Also I am throwing out my business cards from years ago…as some of them I will probably never use again and I keep holding onto to them thinking just in case. “Just in case,” is like Dustin Hoffman in the movie Stranger than Fiction saying  “little does he know,” An ominous portend…..of the unknown. Just in case I should need this little tiny button wrapped in cellophane that hasn’t seen the light of day since I purchased a piece of clothing way back when? So I am trying to conquer my drawer clutter but what does one do with buttons, loose paper clips, cards and memorials to all things we just can’t toss? Yes donate office supplies but the Buttons the funeral remembrances, and other bits and pieces, are the real end to the odd thing with call our lives. So my drawers will always runeth over with unclassifiable tid bits clouding my writers mind forever more.


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