Ah the smell of Hope

Recently when visiting Miami Beach with my husband our hotel lobby was infused with the most delicious fragrance I have ever smelled. I assumed it was a cleaning product or maybe a very powerful candle. The scent was soothing yet invigorating. So I asked several lobby attendants to tell me what this lovely smell was and if they sold it. For some reason two people feigned ignorance and another person said she didn’t smell anything. So I got the manager to tell me their secret. It was an aromatherapy canister being piped in to the air duct system of the hotel.  The manager told me the name of the company and I quickly called and placed an order for my own home. Doctor Aromas bill themselves as an aromatherapeutic systems company. Their clients include hotels, spas, businesses as well home owners. The product comes in many sizes and fragrances. The hotel ‘s scent choice is  called” Hope.”  My home is around 3000 square feet so I purchased the largest one for $99.00. The canister comes with a remote control and a device that holds the aerosol can in place. It has to be mounted near the main air vent so that it enters through the filter and then releases the fragrance into the entire space. The remote control allows you to set the frequency of the mist and the amount of sprays as well. It required a bit of figuring out but once set all one has to do is run your ac and viola… your home and visitors will be inhaling deeply feeling that indeed hope is in the air. The science of smells or aromatherapy has been used for many hundreds of years but recently it is becoming a trend that will be coming to a digital device or gadget near you very soon. This weeks’ issue of Time Magazine features products that are being tested and are in production to be released into the air of your home television, cell phone, and local movie theater or performance venue- to drive snack sales at intermission. These smells are not unlike subliminal ads that some companies tried to use on boxes & even logos allegedly in the 80’s. Remember the debacle proctor and Gamble had to fend off – with wild and crazy rumors spread concerning the hidden meaning of its mystical logo? Ritz crackers also had to refute an allegation that their boxes had hidden words on them. But in our age there is nothing that is subliminal anymore…..so expect your senses to become stimulated by the smell of  newly minted “cents” coming soon to a gadget or nostril near you.




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